Taos First Round State Tournament Games – Nov 1, 2014

Tomorrow at Taos Eco Park! Lady Tigers will play Kirtland Central in their first round State match at 12pm, and the Tigers will play Portales in their first round State game at 3pm. If they are victorious, they will move on to the Quarter finals at the State Tournament in Albuquerque next weekend at Albuquerque’s APS Soccer Complex!

We don’t have a real clear understanding of how the teams will match up since they do not play anyone from one another’s district, so there’s not a really clear answer to how the two Taos teams will fare. The records can mislead when the competition in the district varies, said Boys Head Coach Michael Hensley.  So even though Taos’ records are outstanding, they’re outstanding in a weaker district, where both their competitors play against some very skilled teams. Both Taos sides are expected to have their full rosters ready, however Ty Thomas may be replacing Nico Bartlett in the net for the boys.

We wish them the very best of luck, good weather, and a good outcome tomorrow. A loss would end the season, and we want to keep cheering on our Tigers! So come out and support the teams!

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