Soccer Tigers State Dreams Dashed

The Lady Tigers lost in their qualifying match against Bloomfield, 1-0 in double overtime, ending their season short of the APS complex. The Tigers, however, made it through the quarter-finals this Championship weekend by the skin of their teeth edging out Santa Fe Prep during kicks from the mark with field player (senior) Aidan Cserhat in the net for the Tigers. The team advanced to the FINALS by beating Hatch Valley 2-1, in the semifinals with senior Carlos Ruiz sustaining an injury to his wrist during the match which ended his season a game early. After discovering that his arm was not behaving as usual, flopping instead of remaining in motion while he was running after the injury he was taken out. He would not be deterred from this match in his senior year and would not let down his team. He went back out onto the field taped up by the trainer and scored the winning goal, a true hero story, Ruiz is awaiting surgery in mid-November.

In the final, the boys gave it their all against Bosque, but could not match the powerhouse of this year’s squad, down a few key players. Although hopes were high on a potential state title, the boys will have to be consoled with a State Runner-Up title this time, the first since 1985. It was well deserved honor and though they feel they did not get a fair shake with their full might, they brought the title home gracefully. Taos Eco Park staff commends¬†the players, parents, coaches and administrators who worked together for a very successful season. We can’t wait to host our Tiger soccer teams again next fall. Good luck to all the student athletes in the off season.

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